Tamanduá bandeira, Pantanal, Brasil


Photograph by Gerardo Ceballos

“I took this shot of a giant anteater in the Fazeda Barranco Alto, a 30,000-acre cattle ranch and wildlife preserve in the Pantanal of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso du Sul. I had been looking for animals all day long, driving and walking through grasslands and forest patches that surround the endless lakes dotting the landscape of this region. During the day I had seen other giant anteaters, a giant otter, white-lipped peccaries, and many other interesting mammals. As the sun was setting, I saw a dark shadow on the shore of one of the lakes. I took my camera and walked slowly toward that moving shadow. With great surprise I found out that it was a giant anteater. I took the photo with a flash against the fading daylight. It was a memorable moment that was caught in my photo.”

Gerardo Ceballos, in National Geographic


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